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Teacher Links

General Resources:

  • Quizlet - Amazing flash cards and study games website with over 7 million free sets of flashcards covering every possible subject. It's a great place to create and play educational games, memorize vocabulary and study online.  Join the 'Hackensack MS 7th Grade Science' group to access flashcards made specifically for our curriculum.  If you have an iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows based smartphone, there are several apps that can be downloaded (for free) that work with Quizlet.  You are never without your cell phone, so why be without your Quizlet??

  • SMART Exchange - Find lesson plans for your SMART Board and connect with teachers.

  • WPClipArt.com

  • TeacherTube.com - A kind of educational YouTube! (free)

  • UnitedStreaming.com - Great educational videos by Discovery Education (district membership, but try the 30-day free trial)

  • EnchantedLearning.com - Printable diagrams

  • TeachersDomain.org - Multimedia resources for the classroom, sponsored by WGBH Educational Foundation (free)

  • ReadingQuest.org - Reading strategies for more than just Social Studies!  Great graphic organizers.....

  • CutePDF.com - Create professional quality PDF files from almost any printable document. (free)

  • Online Timer/Stopwatch - I use it daily for the timed Do Now questions, as well as other timed assignments.  There are several sounds to choose from.....my classes' favorite is the train horn.

  • Zamzar - Have you ever wanted to show an educational YouTube clip in class, but were blocked by the CyberNannies?  Do you wish that YouTube videos were downloadable?  Well....THEY ARE!  This site will convert any video from a file or url and convert it into a form that you can save and reuse in class over and over and over again!  (Thanks, Adam, for showing it to me!)

  • JeopardyLabs - FANTASTIC internet based Jeopardy game program.  I break my class into 3-4 teams (depending on class size), and each student within a team takes turns answering questions on individual white boards.  The focus is less on competition as it is on individual review for an assessment.  I'd like to give Mr. Harrington a special shout out for showing me this site, and for the donated white boards!


Science Websites and Resources:

  • MiddleSchoolScience.com - The domain name says it all!

  • ScienceSpot.net

  • Biology4Kids.com

  • NSDL Middle School Portal - National Science Digital Library resource page

  • McDougal Littell Classzone.com - Online resource for use with their Life Science textbook

  • CellsAlive.com - Animations of the cell, mitosis and meiosis

  • Science ClipArt - From Discovery Education

  • Interactive Mitosis Tutorial - I've been using it for years....it's great!

  • BAM!  Body and Mind - Infectious disease epidemiology lesson plans brought to you by the Centers for Disease Control

  • New York State Regents Archives - Previously used Living Environment (Biology) exams that we use as "Do Now" bellwork questions.  Other sciences, disciplines and grade levels are available - but my 7th graders love the feeling that comes with correctly answering a High School level question!

  • NSTA.org - The National Science Teachers Association website.  If you are not a member, join.  The NSTA's journals are excellent, and membership provides you with online access to archived journal articles and activities.  Definitely worth the membership!

  • OceanFootage.com - quick video clips of aquatic species

  • Today in Science History - Pick a day, and find out what happened in the field of science.  They include births, deaths and inventions on a daily basis.  I utilize this site to create a monthly "Science Moments" bulletin board in the hallway.

  • Nova Science Now - PBS's Nova programming available on the web.  Check out the "Teachers" page to view video clips with provided Teachers' guides.

  • Ms. Henley's Class Page - Additional science resources as compiled by a Middle School teacher in Oklahoma.

Please email me if there are any other links that you would like to see on my list!

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