Scientists Wanted
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Dr. Charles Drew
Have you ever taken antibiotics to treat a bacterial infection?
Guess what....a scientist discovered that antibiotic!
Have you ever rubbed a cream on a joint to make it feel better?
Guess what....a scientist invented that cream!
Have you ever been given a vaccination by your doctor?
Guess what....a scientist created that vaccine, too!

Science is all around us, and for thousands of years, scientists have been asking questions about our world and performing experiments in an effort to learn more and make our lives better.  They may study medicine, chemistry, environmental science, physics or biology, but all scientists share one quality in particular:  they are all dedicated to finding solutions to ever-present and newly evolving problems.

In this project, you and your classmates will research how men and women of various cultural backgrounds and ethnicities have contributed to the area of science studied in our seventh grade class.

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  Albert Einstein  
Shibasaburo Kitasato
Jacques Cousteau
Gertrude Belle Elion
Severo Ochoa
Helen Free





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